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Kevin Kluck Photography

Kevin Kluck Photography

Through these galleries I hope to bring you stories, emotions, and perspectives that will challenge you to see/feel something different and spark a conversation with your friends, your family, and maybe even yourself. 


Mountains are a great equalizer: there are no CEOs or Presidents on mountains, only humans. Mountains force us to shed the comfort of the institutions and environments we've created around us and return to the simplistic nature of life where we reconnect with our past, our present, and contemplate our future. 


Miniatures challenge our everyday perspective, reminding us that anything and everything we see in our lives can look different from another angle. Each new perspective unlocks a fresh lens through which to view the world, creating wonder and excitement in what was previously mundane and routine.  


Music is a vessel through which we convey ideas and connect with each other, physically and emotionally. 


Animals are genuine in their emotions, actions, and desires. In a world increasingly difficult to differentiate between reality and fiction, animals are a welcome beacon of authenticity. 

People Shoots

Fitness classes, engagements, beard-shavings, and more. I've shot a lot of different things for a lot of interesting people.